The week at CASP was a rewarding and inspirational one. There were a couple of themes I saw during my time of repairing wheelchairs with Dale and Steve, one of caring and another of trust.

I observed in the caregivers a sense of a calling. It was their responsibility to tend to the needs of those who could not.

Those people who relied on the wheel chair for mobility showed great trust in their caregiver. Before we could work on a wheel chair, the care giver would remove the person from the wheelchair and place them in another chair. For those that had no use of their legs this usually meant wrapping their arms around the neck of the caregiver while being moved. What an act of trust - to be lifted up, carried, and placed in a safe place - for sometimes the caregiver was smaller than the person being moved.

This reminds me of our relationship with God, for he wants to lift us up and carry us to a safe place. Will we trust him?


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