Organizational Chart of Ministry Teams




Mission:  Works as collaborators to enable the various parts of the church to work harmoniously while visioning for the church as modeled in the New Testament.

     Members:  Carol Ann Huffman





Mission:  To identify, develop, deploy, and evaluate the lay leadership in the church.  Provides the list of nominees to the annual church conference.

    Servant Leader:  Pastor Emily Elliott

  • Class of 2019: Anne Kahle

                                Andy Theroff

  • Class of 2020: Rita Lesser

                                 Linda Hanney

  • Class of 2021: Ryan Edmonds

                                 Pete Maxon

  • Laity Team Representative: Carol Huffman



Mission:  To monitor, confer and counsel with staff to provide effective, faithful ministry to the church.  Must meet at least 4 times a year.

    Servant Leader:  Debby Maxon

    Pastor:  Faye Wagner

  •  Class of 2019: Dale Huffman

                                 Jim Shultz

  • Class of 2020:  Deb Rukes

                                 Mark Wulfkuhle

  • Class of 2021:  Debby Maxon      

                                 Karen Puckett

  • Lay Delegate to Annual Conference:Carolyn Wulfkuhle





Mission:  Oversight for the Finance Team, Nurture and Witness Team, Outreach Team, Trustees, Membership, and Calendaring.  Normally meets monthly.

    Servant Leader:  Michele Morton-Best

  •    Finance Team: Carolyn Wulfkuhle

           Treasurer:  Jane Edmonds

           Financial Secretary: Mary Shultz

          Asst. Financial Secretary:  Judy Wulfkuhle

          Financial Recording Secretary:Tracy Kern

  • Calendaring: Rita Lesser(also recording secretary)

         Asst. Calendar: Brenna Wulfkuhle

  • Members at Large: Andy Theroff, Mark Wulfkuhle

  • Outreach Team: Rita Lesser

  • Nurture and Witness Team: Kylie Jackson

  • Trustee: Chris Lesser




Servant Leader:  Judy Wulfkuhle; Irma Ward




Mission:  Working together to maintain the church’s buildings and grounds.  Responsible for the care of memorials.  Make proposals for memorial use to the Ad Team after consultation with the families of those memorialized

  • Class of 2019: Larry Puckett

                                Brenna Wulfkuhle, recording secretary

                                Chris Lesser, chair

  • Class of 2020:  Steve Crane

                                 Randy Kahle

  •  Class of 2021: Susan Theroff

                                 Linda Hanney

                                 Dan Hanney




Mission:  To provide opportunities for mission to serve our community, church, and the world.  Works to feed, clothe and heal the community.

   Servant Leader:  Rita Lesser

  • Feeding Ministries

           Fellowship Meals:

           Servant Leader:  Brenna Wulfkuhle

              Rhonda Ables, Jane Edmonds, Sharon Dwyer, Andy Theroff, Carolyn Wulfkuhle


          Food Pantry:

          Servant Leader:  Brenna Wulfkuhle/Jim Shultz

              Ryan and Renee Edmonds, Jytte Klarland, Millie Conger, Jack Doud, Larry Puckett

          The Closet:

          Servant Leader:  Mary Shultz and Brenna Wulfkuhle

               Barbara Goddard, Jytte Klarland, Baylee Wulfkuhle


         Harvesters Rural Mobile:

         Servant Leader:  Brenna Wulfkuhle


         Community Needs:

           Brenna Wulfkuhle, Carolyn Wulfkuhle



  • Sewing Ministries

         Servant Leader:  Irma Ward



  • Local and Global Missions:

          Servant Leader:  Dale Huffman

               Mark Wulfkuhle, John Webb




Mission:   To enable public expression of Christian love throughout the life of the congregation and to provide an environment that enables growth in discipleship for seekers and mature Christians alike.

   Co-Servant Leaders:  Kylie Jackson

  • Evangelism:



  • Hospitality: Jim Shultz, Mary Shultz, John Webb

  • Communication:

            1. Website:  Brenna Wulfkuhle, Mary Shultz

            2. Newsletter:  Carolyn Wulfkuhle, all servant leaders

            3. Church Sign:  Jim Shultz, Mary Shultz

            4. Videotaping:  Ryan Edmonds, Lloyd Wulfkuhle, Jack Doud

            5. Podcasts:  Dan Hanney, Linda Hanney, Rita Lesser

            6. Facebook Page: Michele Best


  • Church Ministry:

         Servant Leader:  Brenna Wulfkuhle

            1. Prayer Ministry:

            2. Education: Linda Hanney

                    Bible Studies: Chris Lesser

                    Vacation Bible School: Michele Best

            3. History: Brenna Wulfkuhle

            4. Caring Ministries: Brenna Wulfkuhle

​            5. Worship:

                  Servant Leaders:  Chris Lesser and Pastor Faye Wagner

                   Dale Huffman, Rita Lesser, Norma Lynch, Karen Puckett, Mary Shultz

                  Tech Team:Carrie Edmonds, Renee Edmonds, Carolyn Wulfkuhle